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We are landlords to about 100 Purple Martin birds. These birds will only flock to an area that provides housing for them which is why we have 72 awesome homes for these beautiful birds. 


If you have never witnessed the spectacular aerial acrobatics performed by a Purple Martin, you now have an opportunity by visiting our ranch any time from mid March until late July. Sit by our pond and listen to soothing twittering sounds while witnessing a flying show! Make sure to watch closely and you'll see a Purple Marting dip in our pond for a quick splash bath or a quick sip! 

Once our birds begin to build a nest, we lower their home briefly in order to check in on them. We will do a nest check every five to seven days throughout their stay. 

Purple Martins typically lay one egg a day for two to seven days in a row. Checking a nest with eggs or baby chicks inside is quite the sight to see. If you are visiting and see us doing a nest check, please walk over and take a peek! 

Purple Martin birds typically arrive in Indiana sometime in March and depart during the month of July. 

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