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About Us

Woolly Yak Ranch and Winery was founded in 2022 by us, Chris and Cathy Lammer. We are two people who love animals, agriculture, and the great outdoors. After living in the Hamilton County burbs for the past dozen years and becoming exhausted with the hustle and bustle of daily life, we decided to purchase land in the country to have the space to enjoy some much needed peace, quiet and relaxation. Oh yes, and to become FIRST GENERATION FARMERS! Ah, the simple life!


After spending a few years working the land, raising animals, establishing a vineyard, and growing produce, we began to think about how we could share our beloved country haven with others, who were also looking for a little respite from the daily grind, so we set about making Woolly Yak Ranch and Winery a reality. Offering wine and charcuterie in a traditional farm setting with the beautiful Hoosier countryside as a backdrop was our focus, however, we wanted to be as inclusive as possible, adding play activities for children, offering farm and animal experiences and tutorials, and hosting weekend events such as live music and artisan markets.


Perhaps the most important motivation for us to open Woolly Yak Ranch and Winery was our twin sons, Jacob and Zachary. Jacob, who is on the Autism spectrum, would have a work opportunity to contribute to something meaningful while maintaining a degree of independence. Like his parents, Jacob loves the outdoors, animals, and spending time on the farm. Zachary would get some technology-free, hands-on experiences with the humble work of the farm while spending time with the yaks he loves so much. 


So when daily life becomes a little overwhelming and you need a break from it all, always know that Woolly Yak Ranch and Winery is here to welcome you and share the best that nature has to offer!

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