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Sustainable Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture, sustainable agriculture, ecological farming. Pick a name. The idea for us is the same.


We practice the following:


Rotational Grazing to build strong healthy pasture grasses above and below ground.


Composting to add to soil fertility.


Cover cropping to let the soil rest.


Crop rotation to help control diseases and pests and help with soil fertility. 


Minimum tillage to cause less disturbance to soil microbes.


We strive to work our land in a way that is environmentally sensitive. Relying on the natural dynamics of the farm itself helps to minimize the need for imported materials like feeds and fertilizer. Maintaining a proper balance among plants, animals, insects, microorganisms, and the soil is a top priority, allowing us to grow quality produce and preserve and improve the land for future generations 


During the few years of maintaining our one acre vineyard, we cultivated and weeded each of our vines by hand. In the future, we will hand this responsibility off to our Southdown sheep, who love to graze, especially on weeds. They will be the cutest weed eaters ever!

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