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At Woolly Yak Ranch & Winery we invite you to connect with nature, meet our animals and enjoy a glass of wine. We are so much more than a wine tasting experience, we are a family-friendly farm!


Our children’s play area with hay stacks, a tire climb and much more is set up for kiddos to enjoy a day outdoors in a natural environment.


Need some baby animals in your life? While enjoying a walk around our farm, don’t forget to grab a bench seat and watch our darling Olde English Babydoll Southdown lambs and sheep as they munch on pasture weeds. You may follow their cute BAAA sounds to find them. In case our sheep are having an unusual moment of silence, follow our signs to their pasture.


Our yaks tend to be a bit quieter than our Kunekune’s and Babydoll’s but if you listen closely, you may get lucky and hear a yak grunt! Our yaks are a thrill to watch as they playfully interact with one another and peacefully graze on pasture grass. We have benches next to our yak pasture so grab a glass of wine or a craft orange cream soda and enjoy the view.

You won't want to miss a visit to our ranch sometime between mid March and late July since we are landlords to about 60 Purple Martin birds. These incredible birds perform beautiful aerial acrobatics which you may enjoy watching with our one acre pond as a backdrop. Once you hear their awesome twitters, you will be in love with Purple Martins forever. 

Our lavender harvest takes place roughly mid June thru mid July. Please check our events page for our Lavender Festival!


We invite you to enjoy a pear chutney or a pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich from Woolly Yak Food Shack and a glass of Rosé while relaxing at a picnic table on our lawn with friends and family. Picnic table and bench seating is always free and is first come first served. No reservations are required or accepted.


For guests wanting to pet or feed our adorable animals, please see our experiences.

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  • Please do not climb on fences or gates since this may startle our animals and impact the integrity of our fencing.

  • Please do not throw food or objects into fenced pastures. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  • You are welcome to observe our animals. We have benches next to our pastures for your comfort.

  • Please do not shout or yell near our animals since this may scare them.

  • Animal petting and feeding are only permitted during special experiences. Join us here!

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