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Reset, Rest & Recharge

Life Really is Better Outdoors

We suggest a casual stroll through our pecan and walnut orchards where guests are nurtured by nature. Afterwards, relax on a bench next to our one acre pond and be soothed by the sound of twittering Purple Martin birds while you witness them splash as they take a dip in our pond. We have 24 acres for you to explore! 


For kiddos, we incorporate natural resources in our play area such as tree stumps for jumping off, logs to practice balancing and wood for jumping over. Nature play is freely chosen, spontaneous and unstructured. We believe it's healthier for children to learn and play in nature where they build physical, social and emotional skills.


Our Winery

Small Batches, Big Impressions

Woolly Yak Ranch & Winery is a small, creative winery in Hamilton County. Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a newbie to the grape scene, we're here to make your visit memorable. Join us for a tasting adventure where you can kick back on the ranch, enjoy the scenic views, and indulge in our modern craft wines. Cheers!

Wine tasting room coming soon.


Sustainable Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture, sustainable agriculture, ecological farming. Pick a name. The idea for us is the same.

Meet Our Animals

We love our yaks, Babydoll Southdown sheep, Kunekune pigs, and chickens, and are thrilled to share them with you. They are very friendly and just plain cute.

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