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Cuddles and a Cuppa


Sit on a bench and enjoy cuddles with our super cute Olde English Babydoll Southdown lambs and sheep. They really do live up to their nickname, ‘smiling sheep.’ Don’t forget to bring your camera!

We thought it fitting to honor our heritage breed, Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep with a fun take on the British word ‘cuppa.’ To the British, cuppa refers to a cup of tea.


Each session begins with a quick safety chat before heading over to meet our Babydolls. As well as enjoying sheep cuddles, you will be served a cup of tea, coffee, juice, or water (your choice). Cuppa may refer to a cup of tea, but we offer a few more options.


Please note that our sheep are shorn in May, so they will not be as fluffy during the early summer months.


Our ‘Cuddles and a Cuppa’ sessions are ran in small groups so you can get as much hands-on time with the sheep as possible.

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